Coaching Matters!

Looking for the bridge to help get you from point A to point B? Coaching can help. Research indicates that the ongoing interaction between the individual and the coach produces a greater level of success than if the person is working alone or is simply attending a training course.

Coaching Process

Coaching is tailored to each individual, team, or group’s specific needs and is co-created with those involved. An Intake Interview is conducted to determine the coach – client fit. Once both parties have agreed to move forward, the process begins.  

Special effort is made to understand the context, climate, and culture in which the individual, team, or group is situated to help ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved.  

Team Coaching Why Is Team Coaching Different than Group Coaching?

Peer, Team and Group Coaching are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are each unique in both their focus and approach.

In Team Coaching, the purpose and entry of the coaching engagement is driven by the Leader of an intact team. The Team Coaching engagement focuses on the goal of the Leader, not on the goals of each individual on the team.

The purpose of the coaching engagement is generally on improving the effectiveness of the Team as a whole. Van Dyke Coaching and Consulting augments this approach with their expertise in team assessments, team building, team assimilation, virtual expertise, and facilitation.

The FOUR Stages of Team Coaching Engagements

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Stage 1

Outcome Identification

  • Understanding the situation, the culture in which the team operates
  • Getting clear on desired outcomes
  • Determining team priorities and time frame

Stage 2

Data Gathering

  • Team Assessments
  • Individual interviews with key stakeholders
  • Identify themes and discuss them with the leader

Stage 3

Action Plan

  • Discuss option and solution-based upon desired outcomes
  • Assess what barriers might exist
  • Select an option and execute accordingly

Stage 4


  • Determine what success looks like
  • Discuss what measures will be tracked
  • Discuss the commitment level to achieve results

The Stages identified here are a general road map of how we engage in team coaching. The approach and order may change slightly depending on the organization in which the team sits.

Our principal goal is to help Teams Leverage the Power of Collective Wisdom by co-creating the path forward

Team Coaching Is a Vertical Approach to coaching, meaning the Coach contracts with the team leader first before coaching the whole team. As a trained and certified Systemic Team Coach, we take a systemic approach to team coaching.

Systemic Team Coaching acknowledges the various systems which impact this team. Those systems must be integrated into how coaching is accomplished in order to be the most effective.

The Team Is focused on the same goals and objectives as determined by the leader of the team.

We follow the PROGRESS Model ™ Of Team Coaching.

Participant Selection

Regular Cadence

Outcome Clarity

Gain Alignment

Results Agreement

Executive Sponsorship

Scorecard Development

Success Celebrated

Group Coaching What Is Group Coaching and Why Has It Become So Appealing?

In Group Coaching, the group is used as a vehicle to accomplish awareness and effectiveness within the individual. The coach acts as a facilitator of the process.

This approach is referred to as a horizontal approach because each individual in the group is at a comparable-peer level and is generally not inter-dependent on goal connected by a leader or organization.

Group coaching advantages:

  • Participants can leverage the collective wisdom that exists in their group
  • It is cost effective
  • Power shifts in behavior often happen quicker *
  • Increased accountability among participants
  • Achievement of personal goals happen at an accelerated pace
  • Increase self-awareness

Most groups are a minimum of 3 participants to a maximum of 7 which still allows for individualized coaching

Van Dyke Coaching and Consulting

Group coaching examples are:

  • Healthcare Professionals - New Physicians
  • Individuals in a job transition
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • New to leadership roles
  • New to Sr. Leadership
  • Women Leaders & Corporate Politics
  • Pastors and Ministry leaders
  • Dealing with grief
  • Community Leaders

*Dr. Pam Van Dyke has conducted empirical research in the area of team and group coaching which has informed her approach to team and group.

She has developed a model of group coaching which she follows. This allows any individual or organization to benefit from her knowledge.

*We utilize the PERFORM ™ Model of Group Coaching, which is an evidenced-based approach and reflective of research findings.

You can buy Dr. Van Dyke's latest book on Virtual Group Coaching Here.

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Individual Coaching

One size does not fit all. We work with you to determine the best coaching option that will work best for you and your budgetary needs.

After the initial 30-minute free consultation, a coaching proposal is developed and customized to help individuals achieve their desired goals.

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Job Transition Coaching

Navigating your career transition can be difficult, whether it's transitioning into a completely new career or sector, transitioning into a leadership position, or perhaps transitioning back into a career after a break or redundancy.

​Van Dyke Coaching and Consulting can help by providing advice and support, either one on one or in a virtual group coaching experience. 

Join a coaching group and learn from our experts in career transition!

4 Virtual Group Coaching Sessions covering topics such as:

  • ​Knowing yourself
  • ​Industry landscape Education
  • Brand Development – Resume Rehab
  • Maneuvering the Social Media Maze
  • Target Companies Identification
  • Brand Communication & Marketing

A FREE Informational Session will take place on Monday, August 7th, 5 PM – 5:30 PM

Group Coaching Sessions will take place between August 14th – September 11th

Fee: 4 sessions - $199

* Includes a free career inventory assessment


Seats are limited: register below for the information session.

Clergy Coaching

Coaching for Pastors and Churches available at a reduced rate.

Pam has been helping Pastors and Churches define and reach their goals for over 25 years. She has worked with several different denominations throughout the United States, specializes in the impaired pastor or churches in conflict.

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